Posted by: doras_explorations | June 10, 2008

My First Post

Welcome to my blog! My name is Dora Arsenault. I live in Warwick, RI, on the shores of beautiful Greenwich Bay with my husband and 3 extremely spoiled cats. After 28 years as a school-based speech pathologist, I retired 2 years ago with the intention of developing my artistic side and taking it as far as it will go.  My medium of choice is polymer clay, and my specialty is canework.  What really excites me are color and pattern, especially radial, repetitive and interlocking patterns.  To me, constructing a cane is the 3-D equivalent of doodling!   Although I make up my designs as I go along, I get much inspiration from quilt patterns, Celtic knotwork, mandalas, and ethnic fabrics, to name a few.  I love sharing my passion for canework with others, and hope to teach classes, develop on-line tutorials, and perhaps publish how-to articles.  This is my first venture into blogging, and to say that the process is intimidating is an understatement! When I look through the ‘how-tos’ of blogging, or read about others’ blogging challenges, I want to turn and run.  But if I wait until I feel I can do it ‘just right’, I’ll never do it, so here goes….Expect to see changes as I stumble along into uncharted territory !




  1. Congratulations Dora on your new blog. I too turned to art after a lifetime of computer work.

  2. The site looks great, Dora, and your canes are absolutely stunning. I’m hoping to retire in two or three years and follow your inspiring model!!

  3. Congratulations on taking the plunge, Dora! Your blog looks great. I know you will do just fine, my friend.


  4. Hi Dora,

    Congratulations on your new blog! Your canes are beautiful. I will be looking forward to your tuturials.

    Will be checking regularly for new posts!


  5. Dora.. Congratulations on being an official blogger…. looks fabulous and I love your banner of your cane slices.. Ok, now it’s my turn. J

  6. Yeah Dora!

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. Your banner looks great. Remember it is okay to take baby-steps. Soon you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll be off and running.

    Congratulations again!


  7. Hi Dora!
    Loved the picture you took of your canes! You and Susan are my caning queens!
    I will check from time to time to see what you write on here! 🙂
    Love Laura

  8. Thanks so much to every one of you for all your encouragement and good wishes ! I feel like I’m in a room with good friends..I will be adding blogs to my blogroll in the next day or two…I’m still getting used to the ‘mechanics’ of using WordPress. I would eventually like to customize this blog, once I learn CSS..It’s like learning a foreign language! I also plan to link my Flicka photos. Whew, too much to learn ! Gotta take it one step at a time…

  9. Hi Dora!
    I read blogs everyday. I have them in Google Reader so they just pop up when someone has posted and today….there was your leaf cane in art and tea!!! I’m so happy you’ll be blogging. I love reading them first thing in the morning and when I take a break in the afternoon. It’s so nice to see what other pc people are doing.
    It looks to me like you’re doing just fine. I’ve been thinking of joining Etsy and can’t imagine how you do a banner so you’re wayyyy ahead of me!
    Susan (pcbysusan)

  10. and…..when I looked above at your comment I read it as
    dora sexplorations. I thought….this is going to be even more interesting!!!!! 🙂

  11. ‘sexplorations’, that’s a good one, Susan ! I bet that title would draw a lot of visitors, but probably not the kind of visitors I want, LOL !!

  12. welcome to the world of blogging. Glad you have joined the crowd. My thoughts on the “how to blog” are to just write about whats happening, be it writing in images or words or a combination of both. Thats me…never one to follow the roolz!!

  13. Hello and welcome! I learned about your blog from Art and Tea. I will be back to see what you are up to.

  14. Welcome to the addictive world of blogging – and polymer clay too! Wonderful. I’ll be back for more! Kylee

  15. Thanks so much for dropping in, Kathi, Frivolitea, and Kylee ! I took a look at your blogs and they are great ! I’m just starting out, and there’s a lot to learn. Besides building this blog, I’m eager to get back to serious claying…I’ve been in a rather prolonged creative ‘dry spell’ of late. This will no doubt be the subject of a future post !

  16. Welcome to the blogosphere! Just stoppin by to say hello from Boston! 😀

  17. Hi!

    What a great start! I look forward to following your blog, I’ll add it to my Google reader. Remember to use lots of pretty pictures! I love pictures 🙂

    Your Flickr friend,

  18. Thanks, Liz ! I do indeed plan to use a lot of pictures, as I am very much a visual person…With a birthday coming up, I’m hoping to get a new camera and make an effort to improve my photography skills.

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