Posted by: doras_explorations | August 15, 2008

Encounters at the Supermarket and a Cane a Week


       I live in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA. How small is it?  It’s so small that people often refer to it in phrases like ‘the iceberg was the size of Rhode Island’ , ‘the state of Rhode Island could fit inside the volcano’, etc.  Not surprisingly, you can’t go anywhere around here without seeing someone you know. 


       I had one of those encounters two weeks ago when I was at the supermarket.  As I was putting cans of cat food into the carriage, I heard someone say “Hello!”  It was a speech pathologist colleague from the elementary school where I had worked 2 years ago as a substitute for another speech pathologist who had been on maternity leave.  My colleague informed me that this speech pathologist  just  had another baby, and the school is once again looking for someone to fill in for her from September until Thanksgiving.  The school department had placed an ad in the paper earlier in the summer, but there were no applicants.  Speech pathologists are not very easy to find, especially those willing to work for only a few months.

        Anyway, you can probably guess what comes next.  Starting September, I will be stepping out of retirement for a while to make some much needed cash for two dreaded home improvement projects- connecting to the city sewer system, and fixing a sinking foundation. Since I will be rising at the crack of dawn and returning home late in the afternoon every weekday, I expect my not so abundant energy supply will be drained.  Some people are able to work full time and have plenty of energy left over for non-work activities, but I’m not.  I would love to be a superwoman, but unfortunately I’m a Type A person trapped in a Type B body !  
           With that in mind, I’ve decided to do something different with this blog.   Instead of periodically staring at a blank page trying to come up with brilliant insights and observations, I’m going to introduce a new feature I’m calling “A Cane a Week”.   About every 7-10 days, I plan to post step-by-step captioned photos of a cane in progress similar to what I did in Building a Cane from Start to Finish .  Besides giving me the incentive to keep my hands in the clay, and work on my photography skills, it will require less ‘creative writing’, which for me does not come very easily.  I hope you will drop by and check out my latest cane creations in the months ahead.  And maybe a few brilliant observations and insights too !


  1. Life has a way of leading us down some unexpected paths. Looking forward to your cane a week series!

  2. Hi Dora,
    Going to work full-time at a day job definitely has a way of forcing us to schedule and prioritize things, for sure. I share your experience of that bone tired feeling that comes after a long day at work. I’m finding that it’s getting more pronounced as I get older! As challenging as those 2 months will be for you when you’re working, the good news is that there will be an ending to it and you will feel better for getting the home improvements projects completed. Good luck with that work project. I’m looking forward to seeing your cane tuts!

  3. Dora.. good for you.. Hey, more work, more money, more clay… woo hoo.. Good luck.. They are lucky to get you in there again. You’re a great teacher in so many ways… Speech and Clay… Hey, that could be a book.

  4. Thank goodness that job is done, Judy ! The $$ was indeed very good, and we’ve used it to connect to the city sewer system, and get a lot of other home improvement projects started. I’m hoping the money will last long enough to get the projects finished !

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