Posted by: doras_explorations | November 22, 2008

Let the Caning Resume (soon) !


  Hello to all my visitors !  Thanks for hanging around while I was on semi-hiatus working at my ‘real job’ (the one that pays the bills-in my case, unfortunately, it does not involve polymer clay).  The job has finally come to an end.  Yesterday was my last day, so I packed my stuff and headed home.  I think I have mentioned that I had worked for 28 years as a school-based speech pathologist in my former life.  For the last 3 months I once again got to experience the ‘joy’ of filling out mountains of paperwork, setting up a schedule for 50 students, and running around like a maniac trying to do the work of two people.  Just like the good old days !  And, as a ‘bonus’, I got sick with bronchitis almost three weeks ago, so I was coughing my way through the last month and running a fever.  In desperation, I went to the doctor on Wednesday.  She was very nice and listened to my tale of misery, and ordered chest and sinus x-rays to look for a possible infection.  She and I both felt it was probably a persistent virus, and it was not likely that the x-rays would show anything.  Well,  late yesterday afternoon when I came home, there was a message from the doctor’s office saying they had faxed my pharmacy with a prescription for antibiotics.  So apparently the little bacterium nasties were having a party in my sinuses after all ! 
    Anyway, now that my temporary job is finished and the antibiotics will be in my system, I should be back into the ‘caning groove’ soon !!!  And I can dust off my Nikon d40 and start taking photos again.  So give me a few days to veg out and I will return with some kind of semi-original semi-brilliant cane design.


  1. welcome back Dora!~

    I have been patiently (?) waiting your return to making pretties 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad to hear you will be back. Sorry to hear you are ill. Hopefully you will get healthy real quick! Looking forward to seeing some more great canes!

  3. Hope you are well!
    Dora, please visit my blog to recieve an award!

  4. Julie, that is so sweet of you!! I am very honored and humbled that you mentioned me.
    My recovery process has not been proceeding as quickly as I’d like. Over the weekend, I developed a very painful muscle strain in my ribs from the constant coughing and found myself at the doctor’s for the fourth time in a month! Fortunately, he gave me pain meds to tide me over til the muscles heal. Then hopefully I can start cranking out the canes again !

  5. Oh my, what a treasure trove of talent there is here. Found you through Julz and so glad I did. All the best ~ Sharon

  6. You are too kind, Sharon ! I’m glad you like my blog, hope you come back !

  7. Dora…sorry to hear it is taking awhile to get well!!!
    And…you are most welcome…i so enjoy popping in here to see what you have been up too!!! You are so willing to share your work and ideas…i so admire that…thank you.
    I see my friend sharon found you too!!!

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