Posted by: doras_explorations | August 9, 2009

Poll Results, Link Reorganization, and My Next Cane

      Well, folks, here are the results of my latest poll:

      Considering that this was an on-line poll, it was not too surprising that the majority of you use the Internet to discover and learn new polymer clay techniques.  Interestingly enough, even though I have a ‘tutorial oriented’ blog, I turn to books and magazines most frequently for learning new techniques.    There is just something about having that printed page in front of me that looking at a monitor can’t match.  I do print out on-line tutorials and instructions on occasion, but my printer is rather slow and I tend to be impatient.  The high cost of printer ink is also a consideration.  I do often use the Internet to find and to buy newly published polymer clay books.  I also belong to Crafters Choice Book Club where I can buy books at a 25% discount, as well as accumulate Bonus Points for free books.  Their selection of polymer clay titles is quite good.

     Not surprisingly, since I’ve received my new laptop,  I have been doing a lot of netsurfing .  The thrill of fast loading graphics is still fresh, and I’ve spent  (or wasted, depending on how one views it! ) many hours visting site after site using my Stumbleupon  button.  I had heard of Stumbleupon quite a while ago, but had not checked it out.   But recently someone had apparently “Stumbleduponed” my blog and added it to their favorites list….and in one day I had over 700 hits.  That’s quite good for a relatively obscure blog !  Since then, Stumbleupon has referred more people to my blog than any other website.  If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your site, it’s worth investigating.  You will also find countless websites/blogs tailored to your interests.  Be forewarned, once you start Stumbling, it is very hard to stop !  

     Thanks to Stumbleupon, and my own Internet meanderings, my list of links has grown to huge proportions.  Finally, I decided that a bit of reorganization was needed.  You will notice that I have divided my links into categories to make it a bit easier to navigate them.  Categorizing the links took almost a whole day, because I had to update one link at a time, but at least I got reacquainted with many websites and blogs that I had not visited in quite some time.  Obviously, polymer clay links dominate my list, but I’ve also been adding to my other categories, especially the Color and Design group.

     Speaking of color and design, I think I have finally ‘found’ my next cane.   It took me a lot longer to come up with it than I had anticipated.   Like my previous cane, this design comes from a math website.  I think I see a trend here, LOL !   Anyway, I want to try it out and see how ‘doable’ it is before I post it on my blog.  It is a hexagonal design, but that is all I am saying for now!  To be continued…………


  1. Interesting poll results, Dora.

    Thanks for the Stumbleupon tip. Is it as addicting as Bejeweled? lol

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next cane!

    • Hi Karen ! I’m hoping to get my new cane posted in the next few days..I’ve been working on it, but it has turned out to be more challenging than I expected !

  2. I am not surprised about the results of your poll Dora. I am finding more an more people turn to the internet for tutorials and information. The depth of the information online is so much greater than what you can find in most books. Communities are quickly and easily developed with people from all over the world. Something that was difficult to do, only a few years ago!

    • I agree, Cindy ! Almost 14 years after discovering the Internet, I still find it amazing at how it is possible to see the work of polymer clay artists from all over the world, and learn about new techniques and products.

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