Posted by: doras_explorations | August 16, 2009

Cane for the Week of 8/16/09, Part I (I Should’ve Known Better !)

   In my previous post, I declared that I had ‘found’ my next cane design.  As usual, I had planned to make a trial cane and work out all the details before presenting the steps to all my anxiously waiting readers.  Well, here it is a week later, I have a huge pile of scrap clay on my table, and I’m on my third attempt to make this thing !  I’ve seriously considered admitting defeat, and moving on to something else.  But being the obsessive person I am, once I begin a ‘quest’, it is very difficult to give it up !  For example, I will visit dozens of stores- both on the Internet and the brick and mortar variety-in search of one particular item.  Whether I really need it or not is irrelevant!  A few years ago, I shopped relentlessly for a plain turquoise knit top with a crew neck  to wear with a polymer clay necklace I had made.  Most people buy jewelry to coordinate with their clothes, I buy clothes to wear with my jewelry !    After months of searching, I spotted the ‘perfect’ turquoise top at the local Kohl’s.  It was in my price range, and even better, it was machine washable !   I wanted to jump for joy.  You would’ve thought I’d won the lottery, LOL!

     Back to caning…I did a search for ‘hexagon designs’ on the Internet, and got thousands of  results, as you can imagine.  Floor tile websites, quilting websites, architecture, geometry, math websites, etc., you name it!  I spent several hours rather unsystematically clicking on any link that looked interesting.  One of my clicks brought me here:  It was a page from the blog of Jon Ingram, a teacher of mathematics in the UK.   His post begins:

>>>”Last summer I developed a bit of an obsession with hexagons. More specifically, with the patterns you can produce from tiling multiple copies of a single, simply decorated hexagonal tile:


       Multiple patterns from a single tile design !!    It was like finding that turquoise sweater…the search was over !  Especially when  I got a look at some of the pattern possiblilities when I scrolled further.  Are these cool or what??? >>>


     All I had to do was make one hexagon cane, and I would be in pattern heaven!  Just look at all the possibilites!  The hexagon pattern would be constructed from 3 equilateral triangle canes cut in half, mirrored, and then reduced:


        These triangles don’t look very complicated, do they?    Well, that’s what I thought……………..That’s why this is only Part I !   I’m not giving up……….yet !


  1. Interesting! Can’t wait to see the Part 2!

  2. Hi Dora,

    Wow, you are my caning hero, girl! With your awesome tenacious spirit, I’m sure that you will figure out this challenge.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Part 2!

    • thanks for the encouragement, Karen ! Too bad that I’m not as tenacious when it comes to housecleaning and going to the gym, LOL!

  3. Yea! Reassurance that the next cane fix is in the works.

  4. Great! I love how you plan everything and how committed you are! I am still learning that kind of patience.
    Can’t wait to part two. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nena ! I just uploaded Part II a few minutes ago…and it certainly did test my patience, LOL ! But it’s a good feeling get it posted, it’s like finishing a long and difficult college term paper !

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