Posted by: doras_explorations | August 25, 2009

Cane for the Week of 8/16/09, Part II (Finally!)

     Well, it appears that I have figured out how to make a decent “Joy of Hex” cane at last. It is not perfectly executed, but it is good enough for me to post here. Actually, I completed the trial cane last Monday, but it turned out to be ‘one of those weeks’.   I spent last Tuesday celebrating a dear friend’s birthday. After many years, Sandy has once again picked up her paintbrush and started oil painting again. You can see examples of her beautiful work on her website, aptly named Sanderella’s World. .  On Saturday, I went to my monthly RIPCG  meeting/clayday, which is basically an all-day affair.  Before that, much of Wednesday and Thursday were spent working on canes for an order placed by an Internet contact who had visited my blog and liked what she saw.  I’ve sold some canes on e-Bay in the past, but didn’t get rich from it.  At least it paid for my clay, LOL!  There are a lot of people selling canes on-line, so it’s a fairly competitive biz.  Flower canes rule, from what I’ve seen.  I have mixed feelings about selling canes.  On the one hand, I really enjoy making them, as long as I can make them in my style, which is predominantly geometrics and kaleidoscopes.  However, it’s not the road to riches, and my real passion is in developing tutorials.  At some point I would love to hold classes in canework.  Whether I could get anyone to sign up and where I would hold the classes is a whole other story.  I’m certainly no Sarah Shriver or Donna Kato !
     At any rate, here are the steps for the “Joy of Hex” cane.  I am using a Power Point
slide presentation for this tutorial, so I hope everyone can view it easily.  I had difficulty getting all the text in some of the captions to show up, so I had to reduce the font size.  If you click on the icon at the far right in the gray bar above the first photo,  you can view the tutorial in ‘full screen mode’. 


  1. Man oh Man Dora, this was an incredible undertaking. How much fun! The possible designs that you could make with canes like these are mind boggling. thank you for sharing your ” exploration”.

    • It was indeed quite an undertaking, Alice. I really like all the design possibilities of this cane, although it proved to be very difficult to construct and reduce it. I think I would have been more successful if I had worked with a firmer clay. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained………..

  2. Wow Dora, that was amazing. I love your color choices BTW. You proved once again that you are truly a Cane Queen! I think that you are a most excellent teacher and would take a class with you in a heartbeat. Thanks again for sharing your creativity and generous spirit!

    • Thanks Karen ! Glad you liked the color choices. Actually, the green was made from many greens I had already mixed….So I was ‘swimming’ in green clay and wanted to use some of it up !

  3. Damn, girl.. you rock!!! Look at you all fancy with your PowerPoint presentation… very cool, indeed. Great cane.. as Karen said you are the CANE QUEEN. Hey, that could be a book title.

    • Well, I don’t know about cane queen, Judy, LOL. Maybe princess or duchess………..Power Point is a great program, isn’t it? I learned how to use it 10 years ago at an intensive 2-week technology class through the school department. Each person had to develop a Power Point presentation for the class project. Once I took that class, I never used Power Point again until this post ! It is way easier than uploading photos and captions to WordPress, and you have a lot more options. The best thing is that I upload the entire presentation on Scribd. After I upload the presentation on Scribd, I can ‘share’ it on my WordPress blog by inserting the WordPress code (provided by Scribd) into my blog. It’s really cool, you might want to try it sometime.

  4. dora, what a great cane and a wonderful PP presentations! you rock

    • Thanks, Kathi ! I’m hoping the Power Point format will save time uploading. I like being able to upload the whole tutorial at once. With WordPress, I have to upload each photo and caption one at a time, which is a royal pain. I’ve tried uploading the photos &captions as a ‘gallery’, but there was always a glitch of some type..there would be photos missing, or the captions would not be under the right photos…and on and on…

  5. I would have to agree with Kathi, Dora you are the cane Queen! You have great patience to build a cane like that and then assemble them into those complicated sheets. Very beautiful!

    • Thanks, Cindy ! This cane turned out to be more complex than I’d bargained for, but I still enjoyed the challenge.

  6. Oooooh, gorgeous!

  7. Dora, the Hex cane presentation on Power Point is perfect! It’s almost as much fun as standing behind your chair watching you do a demo at our meetings…! Even though the canes are more difficult and challenging, you definitely rise to the occasion!!

    Enjoy your blog…


    • Thanks, Tricia, for the kind words!

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