Posted by: doras_explorations | December 23, 2009

So This is Christmas, and What Have You Done ?


  Hello to my friends and readers from  all over the world !  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted (Nov. 2nd, to be exact!),
so I am most grateful that I have still had visitors to my blog.  I have not touched polymer clay in over a month, alas,
 as my plate has been full of other things.  Much of my time has been spent selling vintage jewelry and other merchandise
 on e-Bay.   Much of  the vintage jewelry was given to me by husband’s grandmother, who had passed away several
years ago.   She had tons of the stuff, probably because she had a son and daughter who worked in jewelry factories for many years.  A lot of the pieces were still in their original boxes and never even worn.  At first I really didn’t expect to do much business, after all, it’s a slow economy, and people are not spending much money.   But to my surprise, I sold quite a few items, especially vintage jewelry pieces from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.  Ah, those were the glory days of costume jewelry ! 
Back then, Rhode Island, my home state, was one of the biggest producers of costume jewelry in the world.   Almost everyone worked in or knew someone who worked in the jewelry industry.  Sadly, most of those firms are gone
now, along with the jobs that supported thousands of workers and their families.  Nowadays, almost all costume
jewelry comes from-surprise, surprise!!!-China.  I find it quite depressing that one can walk into a Wal-Mart or
Target and see rack upon rack of jewelry and know that almost none of it was made here.    
   Besides doing the e-Bay thing, I got a part-time job as an ‘Office Manager’ for the Rhode Island Speech, Language,
and Hearing Association.  Stuffing envelopes and processing membership forms isn’t too exciting, but it’s a bit of extra
$$ in my pocket, and it’s a lot less stressful than assuming a speech therapy caseload like I did last year.   Besides, I
don’t have to leave my house to do it.


Anyway, now that the e-Bay selling frenzy has subsided, I have every intention of shifting gears
from hawking merchandise to pursuing my creative interests as the new year begins.  Meanwhile, I 
would like to
wish everone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In the words of John Lennon                        
 “Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.”


  1. Hi Dora,

    That photograph would be great for a Christmas Card!! Good luck with your e-Bay sales.

    And Merry Christmas and a great 2010 to you, too.


    • Thanks, Toine !!

  2. What a beautiful photo Dora! Love to see you back and hear an update on what’s going on in your life. Hope to see lots of great canes from you this year. Your work is always so inspiring!

    • Thanks Cindy ! I miss claying, and am anxious to get back to it…I hope I still remember how to do it, it’s been so long, LOL!

  3. Salut ! Tu as été désignée par Lilithum pour participer à la ronde infernale ! Viens jouer avec nous si tu veux 😉

  4. Oups, ce n’est pas Lilithum mais Éva de la Casa de Fieras qui t’invite !

  5. I have presented you with an award and you can receive it from our blog:

  6. I just went through your entire blog and loved it.
    please come back…

    • Thanks so much, Rona! I know, it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been occupied with many things the last few months….my latest ‘job’ is caring for an 8 week old puppy ! I have a few tutorial ideas in my head, but to get from the idea stage to actually posting a tutorial is a big project.

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