Posted by: doras_explorations | November 2, 2009

Let’s Zentangle !! Making a Zentangle with Polymer Clay

  OK, here’s the polymer clay Zentangle I promised a while back.   Thanks to my cat Lulu, last week was unproductive.  Now that she is back to sitting on my dining room table looking smug, I can get back to work.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I chose to construct my Zentangle from patterned sheets of clay.  There is a fairly extensive section in the Glass Attic Polymer Clay Encyclopedia that explains various ways to make and use these patterned sheets I will be using some of those techniques here, as you shall see.  
   To make uploading easier, I will once again be using a Power Point presentation to present the step-by-step procedure.  Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of doing this is that (as far as I know) the captions cannot be translated into
another language.  However, the pictures are usually self-explanatory, especially for someone who has experience working with polymer clay.  I am considering adding a section to my blog containing captions from the demonstrations in text form that can be translated via Google or other on-line translation service.   We shall see….  
  At any rate, here’s the Zentangle construction process.  To view as a slide show, click ‘full screen’.
  I would love to see your polymer clay zentangles !  If you send me a photo, I will feature it in my blog,
so start ‘zentangling’ !


  1. great sheet.!

    • thanks, Kathi !

  2. Wow Dora what a lot of work! Turned out neat. What are your plans to do with it now that it is baked and polished?

    • Yes, it was a lot of work, Cindy ! As usual, I had ‘bitten off more than I could chew’, LOL! I haven’t decided what to do with the completed zentangle yet. I was thinking of framing it with a black mat and making a wall piece, but I might make a polymer clay box and use it as a lid…The wall piece idea is a lot less work, though !

  3. Your canes work is wonderful as usual, thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Fabulous work, Dora. You’re so creative!

  5. Dora.. I have only one thing to say………………………FANTASTIC! Ok.. more than one thing. This is great… I love all the canes you made.. I love that flower one. What a great tute.. thank you. You still rein as the cane queen in my book.

    • Thanks, Judy, you are so sweet !

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  7. I was just reading about how to do these with pen and paper, thinking it’s more complicated then it is (story of my life!). I love this idea! Thanks!

    • Glad you like the idea, Dot! Zentangles are surprisingly easy to draw, and very addictive. Reproducing them in clay is somewhat challenging, I found that the most difficult part was making the cane slices thin enough so they would not distort when I sent them through the pasta machine. One must also have patience to place all those tiny cane slices on a background.

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  9. thanks for mentioning my blog, Tonja ! I enjoyed reading your post

  10. When i tried to view your work, it took me to scribd and said i had to purchase a membership to view. Am i doing something wrong or do i need topay to access.your work?

    • Hi Bonnie! I sent a reply to your e-mail address and included the tutorial as an e-mail attachment. Hope that helps! Dora

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